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Last night's dreaming was very vivid but not really lucid (insofar as I never sensed that I was dreaming).  Given that I was very tired from work, I suspect that was the reason the sleep was deep enough to allow for lots of REM and intense dream imagery.

The first dream was set near a lake in a jungle where a little party of explorers and myself encountered an immense man-like being (perhaps a cyborg).  The humanoid did not appear to be part of the party but did have immense strength as demonstrated by its ability to shove the lower halves of two immense fish (perhaps sharks or tuna) into the upper torso of another animal; it occurred to me that the humanoid could probably kill all of us easily, but it did not seem interested in doing so.  Also notable was a futuristic aircraft half-submerged in the lake.  Another scene then showed a paleontologist wondering about a fossil of two fish bodies shoved into another animal, and I supposed that the earlier adventure must have been happening in the prehistoric past.

Possibly related was a scene in which I entered a very posh jewelry store where I noticed something resembling a totem pole of huge wooden blocks near the entrance, ascending into the open sky through a hole in the roof.  Unfortunately, the store only seemed to sell two things (gold jewelry and alcohol) which I wasn't actually interested in.

A second dream was set in an arid plain with a nearby stream and an immense gray ship (perhaps Noah's Ark) visible at least a kilometer away.  Closer at hand were a friend of mine and his younger sister (who was rather cute and charming, but unfortunately doesn't exist in real-life; she was obviously inspired by Ariadne as seen in a playthrough of "Socrates Jones" on Philosophy Tube).  Since we had two hours to kill while waiting for something, I offered to GM an impromptu roleplaying session; hoping the other two wouldn't notice Noah's Ark nearby, I planned to have the adventure revolve around a search for Noah's Ark.  In the end, though, we never actually did any roleplaying; first I was concerned about the siblings using a character sheet from some game I'd never heard of, and I was also concerned about plausibly integrating the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers into the game.

Finally, a last dream found me driving on a very dark road at night.  As the headlights of a car approached and seemed blurry, I wondered if I were too tired to be driving and ought to pull over.  Then the road became entirely black (though I was still awake in the dream) and I wondered if it would be safer to pull over and risk plowing into some brush along the side of the road, or try to illuminate the road with high-beams.  Slumped in the driver's seat, though, I was unable to move at all until I forced myself to reach for the high-beam control and suddenly woke up.  So it was very vivid, not unlike a falling dream except on a road. 

I would rather be... 

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CherPhobium Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
why are you so interested in pregnant stuff? just curious
amiwakawaiidesu Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015
I can think of at least two reasons.  One is that pregnant ladies evoke thoughts of the mother goddess who is both strong and life-giving.  A less lofty theme I also explore is surprising or unexpected pregnancy that is awkward or embarrassing for the mother.  Most of my pregnant pictures probably touch on one or both of those themes.
Lexi247 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015
Just stopping by to say hello! :hug: Have a wonderful day!
amiwakawaiidesu Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015
Hello to you as well; thank you for visiting.
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Do you still take request? If not it's cool
amiwakawaiidesu Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
Unfortunately, it would be hard to work on requests with work as it is; but you can always send a note with an idea if you want.
JessePants Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok. I'll send a note
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