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The last two dreams I recall began with myself and a friend in a crowded restaurant with glass walls (so it appeared less cramped and confining than it might otherwise be).  I asked my friend ~ if he had to play a character with flat affect ~ whether he would rather play a Vulcan or a robot; he responded that such characters in Star Trek didn't really have flat affect and I started to disagree although he actually did have a point since the actors playing Spock and Data actually did use emphasize particular words and use natural verbal stress when speaking.  

Nonetheless, I went to a small room with a movie screen (actually not unlike a briefing room on the original Enterprise) to look for evidence to support my view.  Instead, I observed an old-fashioned special effects sequence starting with a pass through a cluster of asteroids and culminating with an approach to a greenish-brown M-class planet with a small moon in the foreground.  Curiously, though the moon was very small it did have a bright white and well-defined ring system which the main planet did not, and I wondered if this had been a mistake on the part of the SFX people; perhaps the moon with its ring was actually supposed to be behind the planet and was actually meant to be a large gas giant observed in the distance.  On the other hand, if it was a moon then it could not have been more than a few hundred kilometers in diameter and I would think that its ring system would quickly dissipate because of the gravity of the nearby planet.  Therefore, I supposed it was either a compositing mistake or an artistic choice to make the scene more interesting, though it was also intriguing to wonder if the ring was indeed intended to be a realistic but short-lived detail.

Later, I found myself getting ready to go to work (as a teacher, apparently) at a town near San Francisco, though in real life I've never actually lived there and I actually live on the edge of a desert right now.  Nonetheless, my late father was there and asked why I chose to live there; I responded that I liked the city because it was rather small (being confined to a small peninsula) and therefore I could drive to wherever I needed to go to quickly.  I offered a map of the sprawl of Los Angeles as an opposite extreme.  Meanwhile, a majestic view of the skyline of San Francisco seemed to be nearby, although it soon morphed ~ as things tend to do in dreams ~ into a huge three-dimensional model of the city instead.  This seemed to be so that I could illustrate to one of my sisters the small scale of the city, though the rectangular shape of the model distorted the shape of the peninsula greatly (and certain landmarks like the Transamerica pyramid and Coit Tower weren't obvious).  In the dream, I claimed that the city was about 4 miles square which is a bit off but actually not by much; although wikipedia indicates that the city has an area of 49 square miles, that "land area" includes a lot of water and the actual land area of the city on the peninsula is probably closer to 25 square miles, which isn't much for a city of 800,000.

(I would suppose the reason the city showed up in the dream was because I was thinking of my fondness for ships the other day, ironic in light of my current location.)

I would rather be... 

26 deviants said A potentially immortal fantasy-style Elf
16 deviants said A potentially indestructable android (or gynoid, if you prefer)
7 deviants said neither an Elf nor a robot


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Thank you for your interest in my work; although these pictures are only a small part of my larger collection, I appreciate feedback whether positive or negative.
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Thank you; I feel that I don't draw Ami as much as I should being a fan of hers, but perhaps I make up for that with an abundance of Karina pictures.
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Merry Christmas.  Thank you for your artwork.
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