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May 30, 2008
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Extremely pregnant Karina by amiwakawaiidesu Extremely pregnant Karina by amiwakawaiidesu
This is another installment in the story of my character Karina in a parallel universe, begun with Pregnant Stranded Karina and continued with Very pregnant Karina.

After Karina gave birth to the quintuplets which she rescued as embryos from an Imperial research station, she was promptly separated from the infants by Imperial authorities. Aware that the children had been genetically engineered to possess powerful psionic abilities (and that research into psionics was officially illegal in the Imperium), the authorities were keen to hide the children away almost as soon as they emerged from Karina's womb. They didn't realize, however, that Karina had already formed a psionic bond with the children and could track them even from light-years away. Risking her life and career as a scout pilot, Karina then sought to find the children as they called out to her psychically, but was frustrated after the children were put into suspended animation at another secret laboratory and their psionic energy levels became undetectable.

In the meantime, though, Karina's own latent psionic powers had been awakened by contact with the children and she resolved to secretly train herself in the use of her powers (while remaining in the Scout Service), with the ultimate goal of finding the children and liberating them from confinement. 4 years passed, then Karina (now 30 years old) happened to learn that her childhood friend Kaffe Eleyais (a Navy doctor) was engaged to marry a captain serving with Imperial Naval Intelligence, the empire's premiere intelligence agency. Guessing that the captain might be privy to knowledge of the psionics program, Karina then planned to use her psi powers to befriend the captain and read his mind. But unfortunately, Karina's control of her psi powers was still imprecise and she ended up seducing the captain and frying his brain during the course of several days of sex aboard her scoutship (without learning anything substantial about the psionics program).

Fortunately for Karina, she was able to explain the captain's trauma as electrical shock from loose wiring aboard her ship, but Karina got an even bigger shock 2 months later when her belly began swelling at an alarming rate. Flying quickly to the nearest Imperial hospital, Karina was then examined by none other than her friend Kaffe, who discovered that Karina was pregnant with no less than 64 fetuses (conceived when Karina's uncontrolled psi-energy caused her to super-ovulate while having sex with Kaffe's fiance). Since the captain didn't remember having sex with Karina after getting his mind fried, Karina pretended not to know who the father might be and Kaffe obligingly agreed to remove the fetuses from Karina's womb before lethal complications could arise. Kaffe then donated the vast brood to a local gene vendor service on Karina's behalf and Karina thought she had deftly dodged several bullets as she returned to duty.

But soon Karina's belly was swelling again and she discovered that she was pregnant with quintuplets - doubly strange since Kaffe had not only removed all of Karina's fetuses, but also replaced Karina's aging contraceptive implant with a newer model. Or so Karina thought. When she finally returned to Kaffe's hospital (after being sidetracked by unexpected missions that left her well into her third trimester, and too far along for abortion), Kaffe admitted that she had left five fetuses inside Karina as revenge for Karina sleeping with her fiance; recalling that Karina had been a little too friendly with her fiance, Kaffe had tested the DNA of Karina's brood while it was still inside her and knew who the real father was even before she began removing the fetuses. Kaffe (who was also pregnant by her fiance) was naturally upset at both Karina and her fiance for screwing around behind her back, but she directed her wrath at Karina since she figured her husband had already suffered enough with his brain trauma. Remembering that Karina as a child had always said she didn't want to have children, Kaffe decided to leave enough fetuses inside Karina to make her extremely uncomfortable. Kaffe hadn't actually intended for Karina to give birth, however; unaware that Karina would be waylaid by unexpected missions before she could get to a gene vendor station, Kaffe was genuinely startled (and a bit chagrined) to see her friend now bloated with five half-brothers and half-sisters of the child in her own belly.

(Sorry for such a long story, but anyway this picture shows Karina on the left 2 months pregnant with 64 embryos, and on the right Karina and Kaffe 6 months later, with Karina carrying quintuplets (and wearing a grav belt to help offset their weight) and Kaffe carrying a single baby.)
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